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Jewelry & Watch Works, located in the heart of old Mechanicsville

Jewelry and Watch Works is the combined passion of a 30-year watch collector and jewelry store salesperson and a newly minted watch nerd and entrepreneur. George and Trey first met while Trey was visiting every store in Richmond, Virginia that had even a small mention of vintage watches on their website. George was a vintage watch expert that spoke the lingo and had the experience and knowledge that Trey was eager to learn more about.

This chance meeting evolved into numerous rendezvous at fast food restaurants and donut shops to share items from their watch collections and knowledge that each had to offer the other. George was experienced in buying, selling and trading watches with other watch collectors and enthusiasts from all over the United States, while Trey was spending his spare time digging deeply into the details of specific watches and brands and exactly what made them special and unique.

Ultimately this led to the conversation of “what if we opened a watch store?”. From that moment, the pieces began to fall into place. The perfect location was available, furniture and fixtures from a retiring jewelry store operator became available, a 25 year jewelry and diamond sales veteran was looking for a new opportunity and the list goes on and on. Fast forward through store build out and setup, hurdles and setbacks brought about by a once in a lifetime (hopefully) pandemic and finally Jewelry and Watch Works opened our doors to the public in 2020!

Our offering to the public is simple and clear: To provide the best service available for your jewelry and watches. This includes a proper jeweler who can repair your special item or resize that precious gold ring that was given to you by someone special. We can service and repair a multitude of time pieces and jewelry.


It doesn’t matter what it is or what you need, if it involves buying something special and unique or servicing and maintaining your jewelry or your watch, we can do it for you.

Stay tuned as our story continues to unfold. We are bringing in new watches and new jewelry from private and estate sales all the time. If you have a piece of jewelry or an old timepiece that was given to you and has been sitting in a drawer, bring it in! We can service it so that you can enjoy it, or we can consign and sell it for you so that the next person can enjoy it. There is always something new to see at Jewelry and Watch Works.

Stop by today!

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